PAGE switch

The Preset that a DART controller is able to keep in memory is divided in two PAGEs that can be switched to access two indipendent configurations.

PAGE switch configuration

  • Start the DART_EDITOR.
  • On the main screen of the DART_EDITOR, select the ITEM that is related to the INPUT pin on which the PAGE switch has been connected (in this example the modifier number 12).
  • In the Settings_Area click on the MODE_selector and set it to “PAGE SWITCH”
  • Complete the switch setting the same way you do for a button.
    • in fact the page switch sends a midi signal like any button.
    • it is possible to select two LEDs for the visual feedback of the page status (this function must be activated from the main tab of the Dart_Sketch)
  • Complete the settings for the buttons and the pots of your DART_MOBO based machine.
  • Now, click on “PAGE 2” (top left of the screen)
  • Complete a different setup for the buttons and the pots, changing MIDI channel, type or other parameters.
  • Click “SEND ALL”.
  • Done! Now, as can be seen through the MIDI_MONITOR, the messages controlled by buttons and pots are different, depending on whether the switch is moved to the right or left 😉


Connecting the PAGE switch on a DIY circuit

The switch can be connected on any of the 48 Inputs of the DART_MOBO, in exactly the same way as normal buttons are connected.

In this example the page switch is connected to the INPUT PIN 12.