The PAGE switch

The Preset that a DART controller is able to keep in memory is divided in two PAGEs that can be switched to access two indipendent configurations.


Connecting the PAGE switch

the switch can be connected very simply, on any of the 48 Inputs of the DART_MOBO, in exactly the same way as normal buttons are connected.

PAGE switch configuration

  • Run and initalize the DART_EDITOR.
  • On the main screen of the DART_EDITOR, select the modifier relative to the INPUT pin on which the PAGE switch has been connected, in this example the modifier number 12.
  • In the Settings_Area click on the MODE_selector and set it to “PAGE SWITCH”
  • Complete the switch setting as if it were a normal button.
    • in fact the page switch sends a midi signal like any button.
  • Complete the settings for the buttons and the pots that are connected to the DART_MOBO.
  • Now, click on “PAGE 2”
  • Complete a different setup for the buttons and the pots, changing MIDI channel, type or other parameters.
  • Click “SEND ALL”.
  • Done! Now, as can be seen through the MIDI _monitor, the messages controlled by buttons and pots are different, depending on whether the switch is moved to the right or left 😉