Expressly designed for live performances, the Dart kombat is suitable for taking fingerdrumming on a new level thanks to the addition of touch-sensitive spinners, an ultra-fast fader, an infrared sensor and a very robust x-y joystick.

Based on Arduino Leonardo board it is also capable of HID emulation: the joystick control can be used for mouse movement emulation, touch spinners can emulate the mousewheel and comples keystrokes (example: alt+shift+A) can be assigned to a button, to help the user to speed up the workflow.

An high quality DMX output is also onboard, for MIDI-to-DMX conversion and direct light control.

features list:

  • 18x Arcade style pushbuttons:
    • MIDI control, sending Note, Control-Change, Program change messages
    • HID emulation, with the possibility to assign complex Keystrokes to a single button.
    • DMX control
    • Toggle mode and Toggle-groups mode.
  • 8x rotary pots, for MIDI and DMX control
  • Analog XY joystick, capable of:
    • MIDI control, sending  Control-Change, Aftertouch or Pitch-Bend (hi-resolution) messages
    • Mouse Movement emulation
    • Keyboard arrows (or other keys) emulation
  • Optical Top-spinner and a Side-spinner:
    • Endless, DJ-style jogwheel control
    • Pot emulation (min to max excursion)
    • Mousewheel emulation
    • Scale mode. A scale of up to six notes can be recorded form panel buttons or incoming MIDI data, by touching the sensitive plates. The scale can be played by just rotating the wheels by playing with the infrared sensor
  • Infrared distance-sensor for:
    • MIDI and DMX control in POT (min to max) mode or in BUTTON mode.
    • Scale play mode.
    • With activation switch.
  • Ultraglide fader.
    • It’s a double rail Dj-like slide potentiometer, usually found in Dj mixers as a cross-fader for scratching use.
  • DMX output connector.
  • MIDI IN-OUT over classic DIN connectors.
  • Page switch to choose between two indipendent presets
  • Reinforced micro-usb connector
    • MIDI IN/OUT and HID comunication over USB cable
    • No drivers needed