Extra INPUTs

The dartmobo is normally limited to 48 inputs, but it is possible to extend this limit to 56 inputs and in this short guide we will explain how…

the EXTRA INPUTS hacking

thanks to this little hacking we will be able to get the Arduino to read an extra multiplexer: we connect the output pin of the seventh multiplexer to the input 9 of Arduino, normally used for the second touch sensor.

in this way we will lose the possibility of using the second souchsensor but we will gain another 8 inputs to use with the modifiers of our choice.

If the Arduino board is a Leonardo, the extra inputs will normally be able to read any type of modifier (including potentiometers or distance sensors). If instead the Arduino board is a UNO, the extra inputs will only be able to read buttons and switches.


In the following image we can see a screenshot of the default preset of the Dart Korova controller, which uses the “extra inputs” functionality to manage the b17-b24 buttons.
We have selected the “GENERAL” item to focus attention on how to activate the “extra inputs” function.

the GENERAL item is dedicated to setting the whole circuit. Setting the EXTRAPLEX selector to “1”, the second touch sensor will be deactivated and the reading of the 8 extra inputs will be activated.