Pots and buttons

A basic DART controller can be created connecting up to 6 modifiers directly to the Arduino board. This is a good starting point to understand the basics of the DART DIY system 🙂

  • Upload the latest Dart_Sketch to the Arduino board
    • Arduino Leonardo(recommended) is automatically recognized ad a MIDI device, after sketch uploading.
    • Arduino UNO requires a special procedure, after sketch uploading, to get MIDI2USB functionality
  • Pots and buttons are autodetected, so they will control CC or NOTE messages
  • Use the Dart editor to monitor the MIDI activity.

 Circuit example

  • The modifiers can be connected to any of the six Analog inputs
  • Buttons, toggle switches, rotary potentiometes, slide faders can be connected as follows.

Signs of life!


Testings with the DART_Editor 

  • Download and start the DART_Editor
    • remember to select the right MIDI IN and OUT port at program start up…
    • The DART unit is signaled as “DART” or “Arduino Leonardo” in the port list.
  • Any action on the modifiers is now producing a sound effect.
  • Take a look at the MIDI-monitor section:
    • any action on the modifiers is now controlling a MIDI signal