MOBOX is a multi-purpose enclosure designed for DIY synth or controller projects. It is a convenient solution for educational purposes, because it facilitates the assembly of many types of modifiers, moreover it can be realized in any digital laboratory equipped with a laser cutter and a simple acrylic bender.

The Mobox consists of an upper panel that will house all the modifiers of the device, usually made in transparent plastic material (to allow the use of LEDs and LCD displays) and a a lower panel that acts as a base to accommodate the circuitry of the device, perforated so as to allow fast installation of Arduino devices and make them easily accessible and replaceable from the outside. The two parts are held together by a simple system of screws and flange nuts.
The most commonly used material is PMMA, which is available in a wide variety of colors. To have a stronger impact resistance it is possible to make them in aluminum and polycarbonate.





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A DIY acrylic bender…

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