• The DARTMOBO_PCB is the core of a DART controller.
    • it is basically a classic Arduino SHIELD.
    • Pushbuttons, rotary or slide potentiometers, switches, sensors and LEDs can be easily soldered to the PCB
    • MIDI IN / OUT and DMX OUT circuits can be assebled on the DARTMOBO


    • Single face, DIY friendly PCB
    • Download the following .png image – ready for chemical etching PCB making process
    • Contact us for Eagle PCB files
    • Jumpers must be added to complete the DIY circuit board
    • we strongly recommend buying a ready-made PCB.


INPUT / OUTPUT numbering:

  • You can configure your DIY controller by using the Dart PRESET EDITOR
    • it’s defalut view (at startup) reproduces the input positions on the DartMobo PCB.
  • the DartMobo can manage up to 56 inputs and 32 outputs(LEDs), depending on the GENERAL circuit settings you are using and the,functions it enables.
  • Keyboard strokes and Mouse buttons/moves are available only on Arduino LEONARDO family boards (based on ATmega32u4), otherwise the key/modifier/mouse settings will be ignored.

DARTMOBO sections:

  1. Up to seven 4051-mutiplexers can be surface soldered.
  2. DMX circuit section.
  3. Main ENCODER connection pads.
  4. MIDI output connection pads.
  5. +5v Power, GND and signal pads to control external LED modules.
  6. +5v power pads.
  7. Flanged nuts are placed here, to screw the Arduino board.
  8. Signal pads to control external 4051 modules.
  9. Backlight LEDs pads.
  10. Trimmer section for touch sensitivity control.
  11. MIDI-in circuit.
  12. Up to 56 modifiers can be directly wired to these pads.
    • IDC transition headers can also be soldered here to easily connect controlboard modules.
  13. Up to four 74hc595 can be placed here, to control LEDs,
    relays or any +5v compatible actuator
  14. GND pads.
  15. Up to 32 LEDs can be wired here.
    • IDC transition headers can be used to access external modules