• The DART_MOBO is an Arduino shield designed to create MIDI / DMX / HID controllers.
  • 48 modifiers (pots, buttons, sensors…) can be connected to its INPUT pins.
  •  32 LEDs can be connected to its OUTPUT pins.

  • 2 encoders can be connected, to realize high resolution jogwheels/spinners
  • 2 touchsensors can be handled.
  • It can be connected to DART_CONTROLBOARD modules.
  • It can host the circuitry for  MIDI In / Out over DIN conectors and for  DMX Out
  • Arduino UNO and Arduino Leonardo boards are supported.
  • the MIDI over USB functionality is immediately available after sketch uploading on the Arduino Leonardo board; a special procedure is required for UNO boards.

INPUT / OUTPUT numbering:

This is the numbering of the input and output pins present on the Dart_mobo.

Six 4051 multiplexers are used for the 48 inputs.

Four 595 shifers are used for the 32 outputs.


It is possible to add 8  EXTRA INPUTS.


  • Upload the DART_SKETCH to the Arduino board (UNO or Leonardo).
  • Follow the DIY_TIPS to start adding modifiers and expansions to the circuit.

Circuit config

Use the DART_EDITOR to configure your DIY controller.

The start screen reproduces the layout of the inputs as they are arranged on the board.





  • For single face DIY PCB,  jumpers must be added to complete the circuit…

DARTMOBO sections:

in the following illustration is a simplified view of the placement on the board of the different comonents according to their function.

  1. Up to seven 4051-mutiplexers can be surface soldered.
  2. DMX circuit section.
  3. Main ENCODER connection pads.
  4. MIDI output connection pads.
  5. +5v Power, GND and signal pads to control external LED modules.
  6. +5v power pads.
  7. Flanged nuts are placed here, to screw the Arduino board.
  8. Signal pads to control external 4051 modules.
  9. Backlight LEDs pads.
  10. Trimmer section for touch sensitivity control.
  11. MIDI-in circuit.
  12. Up to 56 modifiers can be directly wired to these pads.
    • IDC transition headers can also be soldered here to easily connect controlboard modules.
  13. Up to four 74hc595 can be placed here, to control LEDs,
    relays or any +5v compatible actuator
  14. GND pads.
  15. Up to 32 LEDs can be wired here.
    • IDC transition headers can be used to access external modules

Dimensions and signal lines


DARTMOBO on a breadboard

The basic circuit of the DART_MOBO  can also be assembled on a breadboard using DIP components, wich are easy to find.

the illustration shows a complete system for 48 inputs and 32 outputs.

It is a convenient solution for teaching or experimentation.

take a look at the diy guides






DART_mobo – DIY PCB examples