• This is a set of makerspace-friendly solutions to create DIY jogwheels and spinners for DJ use.
  • Download and 3dprint the models that best fit the chosen box
  • The 3dmodels are designed for 8x7x22 ABEC11 (skateboard type) bearings.


Bearing support v5

  • Solid and fast to 3d print


Bearing support v6 – ultra thin

  • Space saving solution.
  • A 22 mm hole must be drilled on the MoBox, to hold the bearing in place.
Bearing supports + coupling connector V1
Flexible encoder strip

  • laser cut it from a polypropilene sheet
Bearing support v2
Coupling connector V3 M8 half-to-M6half – 3D model

  • Use M3 fixing screws
  • The central axis screw must be grinded – EXAMPLE
Coupling connector V2 M8-to-M6half – 3D model  


Mechanical isolation

  • A flexible strip is used to fasten the encoder to the central axis, it protects the encoder from excessive mechanical stress.
  • The flxible strip can be laser cut from a polypropilene sheet.
  • Different coupling connector 3d models are provided.
  • it’s highly suggested to strengthen the encoder on a small pcb.
  • Alps-ec12e2430804 is the encoder used here.
  • The central axis is a 35mm M8 screw


Touch sensing transmission

  • Capacitive sensing is transmitted by the bearing and by all other metallic parts.
  • The touch sensor wire is directly soldered to the bearing.


3D printed supports

  • Designed for  skateboard type bearings – 8x22x7mm
  • Different 3D models are provided – choose the one that’s best for your personal project


Touch wheel surface

  • A metallic plate is screwed up to the central axis
  • A plasic contour is used to strengthen the Touch plate and to create a non touchsensitive border
  • Pentagonal  plate and contour are CNC milled
  • CNC files are not provided – DIYers will shape their own models 😉