• A DIY friendly PCB for 16 pots, 16 buttons and 16 LEDs.
  • It can be easily splitted into four separate modules.


  • The following .png image can be used to create the ControlBoard PCB at home, by using the chemical etching process.
  • Use the Debug tools to test the controlboards after assembling it.




POWER and SIGNAL lines

Connecting to the DART_MOBO

This illustration refers to the connection of the buttonboards and potboards. They are connected via ports J1-J10 on the Dartmobo.


The following images illustrate the new series of NB-controlboards wich connects to the J16 port on the DartMobo board. They offer the advantage of significantly reducing the amount of flat cables needed to connect the dartmobo with the controlboard, speeding up the assembly a lot.

The NB controlboard cannot be divided into four parts because the IC’s necessary for its operation have been included in the controlboard.

We have provided an editor preset that can be used as a starting point for configuring an NB controlboard based controller.