DART San Diego

An Opensource controller designed for educational workshops.

The Dart Sean Diego is very simple to realize, since it is not necessary to use the welder during the assembly experience, in this way there will be more time to concentrate on the fundamental concepts on the use of MIDI protocols, the operation of Arduino and l use of the DART framework. This project can also be tackled by those with no experience in embedded electronics and programming.

Main topics of the workshop:

  • the DART framwork – everything you need to give life to a controller.
  • Arduino basics – sketch upload, input and output processing.
  • Basic notions on the MIDI protocol – the grammar of electronic music, applied to the use of buttons, potentiometers and LEDs.
  • Emulation of HID devices – keystrokes, mouse controls, use the joystick for videogames.
  • Operation of an endless encoder – emulation of a mousewheel and a scrach wheel for djs


Components full list:

  • 1x Arduino Leonardo board.
  • 1x micro USB cable –  lenght 50cm
  • 1x half size breadboard –
  • 1x Arcade pushbutton
  • 1x mini joystick with button
  • 1x SPDT switch – for page switching
  • 1x slide potentiometer + cap
  • 1x endless encoder + knob.
  • 2x touchsensors
  • 2x leds + panel mount kit
  • 2x 220 ohm resistors for LEDs
  • 2x 680kresistors for touchsensors
  • 4x M3 spacers 40mm
  • 3x M3 spacers for joystick mount
  • 6X M3 washers 3×7
  • 9x M3 screws 10mm- flat head type.


the enclosure was designed to be easily laser-cut in any digital laboratory using 3mm thick plexiglass material.  The box consists of a lower part, which will house the Arduino board and the breadboard for the connections, and an upper panel that will house all the modifiers. 3mm thick rubber pads are used for the lower part of the box.

It is possible to download the DXF file to perform the cutting operation on a laser cutter machine:

During the assembling of the cotroller, the upper panel can be fitted in a vertical position, this will greatly facilitate the operations even to people without a strong experience as makers…

Preparing the MODIFIERS

The modifiers that will be used during the exercises are prepared in advance, to avoid using the welder to non-experts. the cable attachment points are reinforced with heat-shrink sheaths.