the Autodetect mode allows the Arduino to distinguish a button from a potentiometer and make sure that they control the MIDI message them more appropriate. This mode is active when the DART_SKETCH is loaded onto a new Arduino board and no preset has been loaded into memory. in this way it is possible to create and test a functioning controller in just a few minutes, with the possibility of dealing with more complex settings in the next phases.

What Autodetect does:

  • distinguish buttons from potentiometers.
  • understand if a multiplexer is used or not, so…
    • it is possible to connect a button directly to an Analog input of the Arduino board.
    • it is possible to connect a button and a potentiometer to another Analog input, through a multiplexer.
  • assign a different NOTE message to each button that is connected.
  • assign an LED output to each button that is connected.
    • The LED output number equals the  input pin number to wich  the button is connected.
  • assign a different CC message to each potentiometer that is connected.
  • manage the main encoder, making it work in endless mode.
  • manage the touch sensors, making them work as NOTE buttons, with a fixed sensitivity.
  • Page switching is not supported in Autodetect mode.


AUTODETECT in a DART_MOBO based setup

ERASER preset

Autodetect mode is active only when the Arduino EEPROM memory is empty, ie it contains no preset.

The fastest way to delete a preset from memory and reactivate Autodetect mode is to use the “eraser” preset : just load it with the DART_EDITOR and send it to the DART device by clicking on SEND ALL.




The autodetect mode is only temporary and not perfectly stable.

For those who want to build a solid controller, it is recommended using the DART_EDITOR to create and load a preset.

Here is a guide made on purpose: NO-MOBO setup.