the Autodetect mode allows the Arduino to distinguish a button from a potentiometer and make sure that they control the MIDI message them more appropriate. This mode is active when the DART_SKETCH is loaded onto a new Arduino board and no preset has been loaded into memory. in this way it is possible to create and test a functioning controller in just a few minutes, with the possibility of dealing with more complex settings in the next phases.

What Autodetect does:

  • distinguish buttons from potentiometers.
  • understand if a multiplexer is used or not, so…
    • it is possible to connect a button directly to an Analog input of the Arduino board.
    • it is possible to connect a button and a potentiometer to another Analog input, through a multiplexer.
  • assign a different NOTE message to each button that is connected.
  • assign an LED output to each button that is connected.
    • The LED output number equals the  input pin number to wich  the button is connected.
  • assign a different CC message to each potentiometer that is connected.
  • manage the main encoder, making it work in endless mode.
  • manage the touch sensors, making them work as NOTE buttons, with a fixed sensitivity.
  • Page switching is not supported in Autodetect mode.
  • HID and DMX outputs are not upported in Autodetect mode.



ERASER preset

Autodetect mode is active only when the Arduino EEPROM memory is empty, ie it contains no preset.

The fastest way to delete a preset from memory and reactivate Autodetect mode is to use the “eraser” preset : just load it with the DART_EDITOR and send it to the DART device by clicking on SEND ALL.




The autodetect mode is only temporary and not perfectly stable.

For those who want to build a solid controller, it is recommended using the DART_EDITOR to create and load a preset.

Here is a guide made on purpose: NO-MOBO setup.