All you need to build a simple and powerful Arduino-based controller

  • The DART_SKETCH is the firmware that can be uploaded Arduino UNO or Leonardo boards..
  • No code skills needed.
  • No complex IDE setup.
  • Thanks to the AUTODETECT function you will immediately have a working controller, ready to handle buttons and knobs.

  • A MIDI controller Shield for Arduino boards.
  • Up to 48 modifiers can be connected to its INPUT pins
  • Up to 32 LEDs can be connected to its OUTPUT pins
  • Tested modifiers: buttons, potentiometers, encoders (conductive and optical type), switches, piezo sensors, distance sensors, touchsensors.
  • Ready to be connected to DART_CONTROLBOARD modules.
  • It can host MIDI In and Out circuits, for DIN connection.
  • It can host DMX Out circuit, for Light control, and MIDI2DMX conversion.

  • DART_EDITOR is an app that allows you to edit and load presets on a dart controller.
  • It is also a useful debugging and monitoring tool
  • The integrated MIDI_MONITOR makes it easy to have a visual and auditive reference to the MIDI flow.
  • Presets can be edited and saved in a .csv format.
  • a preset consists of two PAGES, thus the unit's control capability is doubled!
  • Console layouts can also be edited and saved within the presets, so the editor can be adapted to any DIY controller.